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The starting point for DIALOGUE was an empty studio space, equipped with a metal shelf, a table and a chair. Three people took turns in working alone, one after the other, reacting to each other’s contributions. Instead of using spoken words we established a dialogue through materials and objects. By accumulating, modifying, adding, taking away, the situation kept changing and blurring the lines between individual intervention and common dynamics. DIALOGUE is a template for future conversations on different locations and with different participants.

DIALOGUE is also the title of a publication that captures the first working process within the ongoing project.

For DIALOGUE I  we collaborated with visual artist Laetitia Gendre. The encounter took place on 16.11.2019 at “sundaymorning at EKWC”, NL. Starting from the wooden sculpture created during the original dialogue, three people again took turns reading each others interventions and reacting on one another’s contributions. During DIALOGUE I Gendre translated the changing situation into a series of 54 drawings.

Dialogue, 11 printed acts in a box, limited edition, 2019

making of Dialogue I


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