ceci (est un magasin de vêtements)

78% Sweater and other pieces

13 C-prints in solid cover, size 35 x 45 cm, edition, 10 (1 sold), price 720 euro

With "78% Sweater and other pieces" we depart from the contradictory dynamics of the "78% Sweater" and play out its potential for creating narration.

A brick of wood, a print of a greek vase, a book cover and several other objects are arranged into a series of photographed scenes which is presented as loose sheets in a rigid cover. The photographed objects are visibly and in different ways not complete. From some of them it is easy to deduce their origin, former shape or function, others remain rather obscure. As an ensemble however they seem to have given up their identity as the objects they were. Chronology becomes temporality and linearity expands into a field of possible narrations.


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