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Destination Shirt

Destination shirt 60°43’20.00’’N - 46°2’25.00’’W - before and after 8 months in situ (foto's ceci)

Destination shirt 19°30’50.40’’S - 43°44’45.97’’W is being deposited (foto: Dorothee Depauw)

The Destination Shirt is a series of plain cotton t-shirts. You can chose one out of various destinations where after purchase your shirt will be deposited in the wilderness for the duration of 8 months. All destinations are outside of Europe.

In a small brochure you will find a short description of each spot with details about the most important characteristics such as information about the local geology, geography, flora, fauna and climate and, additionally, some general information about the impact of humidity, uv-light, heat and acidity on cellulose and cotton.

Local partners make sure that your Destination Shirt will be deposited precisely at the chosen spot, picked up from that same spot 8 months later and delivered to you. Please keep in mind that the exposure of the garment might have a visible and probably irriversible impact which eventually even might lead to its destruction or loss.

At the moment we have deposited Destination Shirts in Jaboticatubas BR, Tlalpujahua MX, Lijang CHN. We have received Destination Shirts from Fjallabyggd IS and Alma CA.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Destination Shirt please contact us directly.


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