ceci (est un magasin de vêtements)




>>> presentation of DIALOGUE II

+ publications from Dialogue & Dialogue I

15h - 21h, Luikenaarsstraat 2, 1050 Brussel

March 2020 Dialogue - workshop, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels

November 2019 presentation of DIALOGUE + DIALOGUE I during the Print Plant Art Book Fair 2019, Amsterdam, NL

November 2019 presentation of DIALOGUE + DIALOGUE I (publications and installation) at EKWC @ sundaymorning

July - September 2019 residency at EKWC @ sundaymorning, Oisterwijk, NL

March 2018 Scenographic Dinner at Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek

Guests around the table: Alexis Gautier (visual artist), Elle (monk, researcher, teacher), Ernst van der Hoeven (artist, editor of Mac Guffin magazine), Hedwig Houben (artist), Hilde Bouchez (researcher), Laetitia Gendre (artist), Sanny de Zoete (art historian, linen and damast expert), Sara Seijn Chang (visual artist), Stephan Keppel (photographer), Various Artists (visual artist)


September 2013 Presentation of Magic Tricks - Urban Tactics  #1 disappearing for Hotel Charleroi


February 6 - 10 2013. Presentation of 78% Sweater and other Pieces and Destination Shirt during the art fair Rotterdam.


November 25 2012. Liquidation Total, closing event of the residency in the shop in Brussels/ Schaarbeek.

November 2012. Photographer Stephan Keppel is invited by ceci est un magasin de vêtements to have a look around the neighborhood of the shop in Schaarbeek.

October 28 2012. Discussion between and about people and things. Round-table-discussion with the participation of Iniy Sanchez (fashion-design), Rotor (architecture) and Various Artists (visual art) about the inter-relation between people and artifacts.


June - November 2012. Residency in Brussels/ Schaarbeek  in a former shop-space provided by Nadine, laboratory for contemporary art. Setting up a boutique without clothes.


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