ceci (est un magasin de vêtements)

ceci is a non disciplinary artistic project by Maaike Gottschal, Miriam Rohde and Sara Ten Westenend. ceci provides a working environment to collaborate beyond our individual trajectories and professional backgrounds (visual arts, architecture, textile, writing and teaching).  

ceci allows us to exchange and share our interests and make them available to each other. Ideas resonate in different ways. Collaboration doesn’t mean necessarily to develop one single perspective. With ceci we take into account the existence of our diverse, different, sometimes opposing or contradictory, sometimes complementary viewpoints and invent formats to give them a material appearance and presence.  

ceci gives us the opportunity to challenge our attitudes towards authorship and to keep reconsidering the question of how to do things together. We regularly invite artists for collaborations : a project of ceci can become the departure point for someone else’s work. In turn, the work of ceci is reflected within someone else’s project, which is both, independent and connected.

Maaike Gottschal lives and works in Rotterdam. Studied product design and art history and graduated in 2001 at the Fashion Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She works as producer and teacher. Her work focuses on the shift in meaning determined by personal use and interpretation of (clothing) objects. A rolled up sleeve, a wrinkled pants, an upside down worn sweater... The object in use creates unlimited new possibilities for study and practice.     www.textielfabrique.nl

Miriam Rohde is a german architect, artist and teacher, living and working in Brussels since 2006. Her artistic work focuses the material, immaterial aspects of space and spatiality and the ways these aspect influence our everyday lives. Her practice is speculatory, meaning that she combines analysis and imagination, bringing together (and sometimes mixing) factual information with assumptions that could be true or false. Currently she is working on a research on absence and presence in space and experiments with short cinematographic representations of (built) space.

Sara ten Westenend lives and workes in Brussels. In 2006 she gratuated from the department image and language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her work can be characterized as redefinition of object and space. This becomes visible in her three-dimensional work, by doing interventions and writing texts. Sara ten Westenend uses everyday objects from her direct environment for her research, in which image and language are closely connected.


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