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Bleu pas d'Ici

100% cotton


The front panels of the shirt are made out of a printed fabric. The print is a depiction of a landscape. The image extends over the whole cloth width and the front-panel of the garment lengthwise. The print is executed in a specific color-range, in a technique correlating to pointillism. The landscape consists of three parts, a foreground, a middle-ground and a background. These parts correspond with bottom, development of this bottom in central perspective, and sky or sea. There are no human figures representations of animals are allowed. Further possible elements are flowers (in the foreground), trees, buildings, ships (middle-ground), clouds, waves (background). The depiction is not realistic, due to the applied technique; lines and sharp contrasts have to be avoided, colors and shapes blend as smoothly as possible into one another .
The print radiates an atmosphere of dreaminess, solitude, quaintness and introspection. It does not evoke a real landscape but rather an imagined one. There are no signs of contemporariness. There is no wit, humor or irony to the depiction.














The Landscape-Top-series today comprises 7 pieces. All shirts are based on the same cut, the back-panel is always the same. The front panels are made of fabric that has been found in three different locations. Each panel complies with the description above.
Further shirts can be produced by
a) coincidentally finding a piece of fabric that correlates to the description
b) commissioning a designer or artist to make the illustration based on the description and print it on fabric

Once the stock is exhausted the finding of new fabric will be completely dependent on the description.


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