ceci (est un magasin de vêtements)

A discussion between and about people and things


The Discussion about People and Things was a public round-table-talk to which we invited guests who, like ourselves, come from different professional backgrounds. According to our own working method as ceci est un magasin de vêtements we wanted to explore a subject by approaching it from diverse angles. Together with our guests, Various Artists, visual artist, Iniye Sanchez, fashion designer, Tristan Bonniver / Rotor, architect we talked about the relation between objects and subjects and how they influence and depend on each other. To make the event very practical we asked each of the guests and also the public to bring an object of their choice in order to illustrate their case - instead of working with a power-point presentation or the likes. 


Think of a hand-knitted pullover, worn by a peasant woman from the Italian Alps each day for work during more than two decades. Or picture a huge residential block built in the 1980ies which houses about 8000 people. Think of a Billy-shelf, a brass nutcracker, an iphone, an orange plastic colander, a boeing 747, or ‘that dress’ featured 1994 by a british actress on a red-carpet-event, ...
A thing, any thing, can be regarded as a process rather than as a static, finished entity, having a life history or biography of its own. We, as consumers and makers of things are inevitably part of these biographies. As objects undoubtedly are part of our biographies.


usage  consumption  collection
annexation  adoption  appropriation  reinterpretation
aging of material - to wear out
to season =
to grow old, to grow old artificially, to put spices
in and out
quality - qualities
object = subject-matter


We would like to invite you to join our sunday-afternoon-discussion with and about people and things. The idea of this event is to get an insight in practical aspects of dealing with objects and material as processes. We have therefore invited people who approaching objects and/or material in ways that we would like to investigate, discuss and share with others.


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