ceci (est un magasin de vêtements)


june - november 2012

The Boutique was a project developed and realized during a six months residency in an empty shop space in the Brussels' neighbourhood Schaarbeek provided by Nadine, laboratory for contemporary art. We set up a boutique without clothes which we used as an environment for theoretical and practical artistic research. 

What kind of a place is a boutique without clothes?
Setting up the 'boutique'
Clearing the place completely. Claiming 'this is a clothes shop'. Waiting for clients.
Starting the business
Trading (our) clothes against clothes (of our clients). Repairing zippers, shortening trousers, taking more clothes from our clients. Waiting for more clients.
Taking stock and making lists
How many shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses? Under- and swimwear must go. How many square meters? How many doors, lamps, nails in the wall? How many visitors, clients, window-shoppers? How many languages? How many pieces is a suit made of? A jacket? A collar? Pants?
Starting the production
How do you work? An artist, an architect, a fashion designer and two anthropologists are  showing movies to each other.
What do you make? A public discussion between and about people and things.
Photographer Stephan Keppel has a look at the 'boutique' and the neighborhood.
Selling out (all must go)
Liquidation Total: 78% Sweater, Perpetual Inventory (in order of appearance), Destination Shirt n°1, Bleu pas d'Ici, Proposal Shopping Bag I-IV, Mirror Swap I&II


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